BH Series Vehicle Registration 2023 Online State Wise Link: Fees, Apply Process, Bharat Series Rules

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BH Series Vehicle Registration 2023:- A new rule regarding vehicles and road transportation was recently implement by the Indian government. It introduce the Bharat (BH) series of number plates for vehicles that move between states after HSRP. Vehicle owners who are require to relocate to another state as a result of their transfer or for any other reason will benefit from these registration marks or number plates.

The BH Bharat Series plate can be register for by vehicle owners to facilitate the seamless transfer of their vehicles and to avoid the various registration issues that arise when they move. BH Series Vehicle Enlistment 2021 has been begun from fifteenth September 2021. Digital procedures will be use for the registration process. According to the particulars, Odisha will be the first state to begin the online registration process for the new BH series.

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2023

Previously, the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988 stipulated that if a vehicle was kept in another state for more than a year, it would be assigned a new registration. The owner of the vehicle is require to submit an application along with a number of other documents for new registration in the new state, including a NOC, receipt, postal acknowledgement, and other documents. The entire registration procedure was time-consuming and difficult.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has simplified the process of re-registering a vehicle in a new state by introducing the BH series number plate. The new rule was present on 28th August and enrollment for the plates will begin on September 15. In the event that you are likewise able to get a BH series number plate. Yet don’t have adequate data in regards to the equivalent truly do peruse this article. You will find all of the information you need about the new rule and number plate here.

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2023

BH Series Vehicle Registration 2023 Overview

Name of the Mark Bharat Series Marks (BH-Series)
Concerned Ministry Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH)  
Concerned Act The Motor Vehicles Act
Rule Central Motor Vehicles (Twentieth Amendment) Rules
Date of introduction/ Launch 28th August 2021
Introduced For Non-Transport vehicles
Purpose To ease the registration process for a vehicle moving to a new state
Applicability Across India
Starting of the registration process 15th August 2021
Mode of registration Online
Implementation Throughout India
Category Sarkari Yojana
Official Website

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BH Vehicle Registration Process  

The entire registration procedure for the BH series plate will take place online. On September 15, 2021, registration will begin. Applications for the number plate can be submitted online for those interested in registration.
The following are the specifics for registering the BH mark:

  • During the purchase of a new vehicle on the owner‘s behalf, the respective dealer will complete the BH registration online.
  • The enrollment should be possible on the Vahan gateway by topping off structure 20.
  • With the new BH series number plate, the discount cycle of the expense that the vehicle proprietor has paid in the parent state will turn out to be simple.
  • A BH series number plate will be given to applicants if their registration is approved.
  • In the new state, vehicles with the new BH series number plate or registration mark won’t have to go through the old, complicated re-registration process.
  • The applicants will receive a random number plate.
  • At the time of registration, one must keep their official identity card (for government employees), working certificate (for private employees), and any other required documents.
  • This new rule change regarding the movement of a vehicle and its registration in the new state or UT is universal and will be applicable nationwide.

Format of BH Series Number Plate

The people who will apply for the BH Series plate will get another number plate. This Bharat series number plate will be in the following format:

  • Where YY will be the rearmost two digits of the yearly of the registration of the motor vehicle.
  • BB will be the
  • Bharat Series code (2) letters will be written as “ BH”
  • and #### XX will be four numbers from 0001 to 9999 which will be follow by a letter(s) A, B, C …& then AA, AB…..AZ, BA, BB…..till ZZ. Letters ‟I‟ & “O” will be exclude.

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Who can Register for BH Series Plate?

This office of the public authority has been presented as of now for non-transport vehicles. The office of enrollment for BH Bharat Series Number plates is right now accessible on a willful reason for

  • Defence personnel,
  • Motor vehicle owners who are State/ Central Government employees,
  • PSU employees, or
  • employees of a private company with offices in at least four states and UTs.

At present it isn’t obligatory for all, qualified people can apply whenever the timing is ideal and prerequisite. The government might make this facility available to all citizens in the future.

BH Series Vehicle Registration Fee

The enlistment cycle will be free for candidates and hence they are not expect to pay any enrollment expense. However, they are required to pay the appropriate tax for their category. This page will be update whenever there is a change to the registration fee.

Rules for Motor Vehicle Tax

The tax that must be paid at the time of registration varies by state. The tax that will be impose will be calculate online through the online portal and will be based on the prices on the invoice (where GST will not be include).

Take a look at the information provide below regarding the tax impose by states and UTs on BH Series vehicle registrations:

Invoice Price Tax (% of Invoice Price) Remark
If below Rs 10 lakhs 8% 2% extra charge for Diesel vehicles

2% less charge for electric vehicles

If below Rs 10-20 lakh 10%
If above Rs 20 lakh 12%

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Bharat series Vahan statics

The portal provides information on the vehicle that has registered for the BH new number plate, as well as the application that has been submitted and the revenue, on their page. As a result, you can examine all of its statistics here. Additionally, the official portal will collect the tax for any vehicle that is register under the BH Series for any number of years, including two, four, six, and so on.

  • Total vehicle registered
    • Till date – 28.77 cr.
    • Current year – 71. 37 L
  • Total Application Submitted
    • Till date- 11.78 cr.
    • Current Year- 23.34 L
  • Total Revenue Issued
    • Till date – 5, 96, 980 cr.
    • Current year – 18, 275 L
Odisha Click here
Delhi -Available –
Maharashtra -Available-
Bihar -Do
Uttar Pradesh -Do-
Tamil Nadu -Do-
Rajasthan -Do-
Karnataka -Do-
Telangana -Do-
Andhra Pradesh -Do-
West Bengal -Do-
Gujarat -Do-
Jharkhand -Do-
Himachal Pradesh -Do-
Uttarakhand -Do-
Haryana -Do-
Madhya Pradesh -Do-
Goa -Do
Kerala -Do-
Assam -Do-
Punjab -Do-
Chhattisgarh -Do-
Jammu & Kashmir -Do-
Tripura -Do-
Meghalaya -Do-
Manipur -Do-
Nagaland -Do-
Arunachal Pradesh -Do-
Chandigarh -Do-
Sikkim -Do

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BH Series Vehicle registration Important Documents

When purchasing a vehicle or registering it for the BH series number plate, citizens are required to carry a few important documents. When you register for the vehicle, you are required to bring the following documents:

  • Official identity cards
  • Other government authorized documents

How To Check BH Series Vehicle Registration 2023 Online?

If you’re looking to check the registration status of a BH series vehicle in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. With the advent of online services, checking vehicle registration status has become easier than ever before. In this post, we’ll guide you through the steps for checking BH series vehicle registration online and provide some useful tips to ensure that you get accurate results. Whether you’re buying or selling a used car, or simply want to check the status of your own vehicle, this information is crucial. So, let’s dive into how you can check BH series vehicle registrations in 2023 online.

  • The registration of the BH series marks plate will be done entirely online, and you’ll do it while you buy the vehicle.
  • You must now go to Vahan’s official website,, and then you must fill out the form.
  • The buyer’s tax refund will be simpler after the new BH number plate is installed.
  • After the BH Series Vehicle enrollment process has effectively full then the BH number plate will be given to the client.
  • All citizens who have successfully register for the BH series number plate will not have to go through the re-registration process.
  • From that point onward, the BH series number plate will be allocated to the purchaser.
  • The residents need to do the BH series number plate enrollment once and then, at that point, they will be liberated from the charges and afterward they can move to the state without any problem.
  • By following the above-really try to understand methodology you will actually want to get the BH series number plate.

BH Vehicle Registration Process  

The entire BH series plate registration process will be completed online. The first day of registration will be September 15, 2021. Those interested in registration can submit applications for the number plate online. The specifics for registering the BH mark are listed below.

  • The separate dealer will handle BH registration on the owner’s behalf during the purchase of a new vehicle via an online process.
  • By completing form 20 on the Vahan website, you can register.
  • With the new BH series number plate, the discount cycle of the expense that the vehicle proprietor has paid in the parent state will turn out to be simple.
  • Students will receive a BH series license plate upon successful registration.
  • Vehicles having the new BH series number plate enlistment mark on their vehicles won’t be need to go through the old full re-enrollment process in the most recent state.
  • The applicants will receive the number plates at random.
  • At the time of registration, one must keep their official identity card, working certificate, and any other required documents.
  • The movement of a vehicle in the new state is connected to this new rule change, and the vehicle’s registration will be universal and valid throughout the state.

BH Vehicle Registration 2023 FAQ’S

How can we register for the BH registration mark if have to shift to a new state?

You can register online through the official portal. The registration link will be updated soon here.

Is this rule applicable in Bihar?

Yes, the rule is applicable throughout the country.

When did BH Bharat Series Vehicle registration new rule launch?

It was launched on 28th August through a gazette notification dated 26th August 2021 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH).

When will registration for the BH Series number plate or registration mark will start?

The registration is scheduled to be started on 15th September 2021.

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